EPA / N-List Approved*

Disinfecting & Cleaning Wipes

The Power to Kill Bacteria, Germs, & Viruses in 2 Mins!* 

The Ultimate Wipe Review

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A simple and easy way to keep your business, school, gym, or medical office sanitized.  

AKTIVE cleaning wipes, available in a variety of sizes, are lightly scented & extremely durable.  

Our convenient lid dispenser releases a single cleaning wipe with each pull for both canisters and tubs.


Disclosure:  The label shown in this video is not the final AKTIVE Health approved EPA label.  This testimonial was conducted by a 3rd party not associated with AKTIVE Health.  Please see SDS and Spec Sheets for updated labels and EPA information. 

Casual Business Meeting

Protecting from COVID-19 in the workplace


OSHA’s guidelines on preparing workplaces for COVID-19 offer a good starting point. Some of the very recommendations it made as the virus began its spread in the U.S. continue to serve as exemplary as we begin to regain some sense of normalcy.

Man Carrying Child in Arms

Finding the solution that’s right for you

Depending on your line of business, some measures may be more necessary than others. But as any risk manager can tell you, where there is an exposure, there should be a control. We’re here to provide solutions to fit the needs of all types of businesses.

Cleaning the Bathroom Sink

Wet Disinfectant Wipes / EPA N-List

50, 75, 100, 140, 160, 500 cts Available

  A convenient way to clean and disinfect most surfaces

Kill Viruses, Bacteria, Germs in 2 Mins.

Kills TB in 2 Minutes; Harder than SARS-CoV-2*

Lightly Scented and Durable Wipe 

High-Quality Solution

No Residue, No Scratching

EPA N-List Approved* 

* See Saftey Data Sheet (SDS) and Virus Kill Time Report for Product Effectiveness.

Available through your AKTIVE representative.



Personal Protection Kit

50 ct Bag

75ct / 100ct Canister


140ct / 160ct Canister

500ct / 750ct Canister


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