Hotel Room with Pillows

Personal Protection Kits

Offer Guests a Simple and Convenient Solution to Keep Safe at Your Hotel

Simple. Convenient. Safe. Cost Effective

Simply place one hermetically sealed kit on the pillow of each guest bed that allows use when needed.

  • No More Hassleing Front Desk for Masks

  • Stop Unnecessary Waste

  • Simple Inventory Management

  • Hermetically Sealed for Easy No-Use Turn Over

  • Give Guests the Option to Reduce Costs

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Ron M.

Guests love them. Great packaging and great product. Would highly recommend

Being hermetically sealed, these are clean when you open the package and you do not have to worry about any stray germs.

Cut down waste, cost, and front desk time dealing with guests needed lost or forgotten masks.

Alex R.

Jenna S.



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