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Aktive Health Is Now A US-Owned Manufacturer Located In Florida

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Aktive Disinfectant Wipes
Aktive Disinfectant Wipes

The company's 11,000ft operation in Naples is the new home of its sanitizer and disinfectant products operations.

Friday, November 20. Naples, FL: A new company in the heart of Florida's health and beauty product manufacturing region has opened its new facility to launch a range of healthcare and personal protection products with immediate deliveries available for businesses and consumers alike throughout the Sunshine State and beyond.

Results-Driven Products For Sanitization And More

Aktive Health is one of Florida's newest and most exciting manufacturers in the health industries, specializing in sanitizer gels, disinfectant liquids and sprays, disinfectant and alcohol wipes, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The company has set out with a mission to become the leading provider of results-driven products that clients can see, feel, and trust.

The manufacturer's operations are approved by the EPA, FDA, and OTC, extending to the OTC-certified workspaces and practices. Working primarily with business clients, the company prides itself on working with organizations to find solutions that are tailored to the line of business and other key attributes of the client.

COVID-19 workplace preparations and sanitization are made in line with OSHA guidelines. At the same time, Aktive Health works directly with firms to think beyond the pandemic and maintain cleaner, safer work settings for the long haul. A plethora of hand sanitizers ranges from 1.7oz personal hand care products to larger dispensers for room entrances and one-gallon bottles to restock those facilities.

Other products in the Aktive Health catalog include various styles of sanitizing wipes, wet wipes, face masks, and personal protection kits. Each product is designed following extensive research and data, while the company's quality control standards are especially high too. A commitment to quality products is further supported by fast manufacturing times at the 11,000ft facility, as well as quick deliveries to businesses throughout Florida and across other US territories.

At a time when the need for sanitization in all workspaces is at an all-time high, Aktive Health makes sanitization through antimicrobial gels and products just a little easier for all companies, especially those that are not directly involved in health care and have had to adapt to modern changes.

About Aktive Health

Aktive Health is a new operation launched by a team of experienced sanitization specialists with a passion for helping businesses across many industries. It has already helped a large number of companies and has an array of products ready for immediate purchase. The manufacturer uses its Naples facility to manufacture high-quality products that are packaged in the Aktive-branded receptacles but can be transferred to client-branded alternatives.

Working out of the region's central district for health and beauty product manufacturing, the company has already established itself as an exciting manufacturer in its chosen field, not least thanks to the data-driven manufacturing processes involved. Its operation hours are 9 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.

More information can be found at Alternatively, Aktive Health's press contact Jeff can be reached at 469 955 4427 or Postal queries can be directed to 2231 Linwood Ave. Naples, FL 34112.

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